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Matrix Launches COSEC Facial Recognition – A Powerful Biometric User Identification based on Innovative, Deep Learning Technology

Matrix, a world class manufacturer of Telecom and Security solutions, recently unveiled its indigenously designed COSEC Facial Recognition. Matrix COSEC Face Recognition is based on innovative, deep learning technology, which evolves as per regular user interaction in different conditions. It identifies a user quickly and

embracing yourself a welcome trend

“Louisville ain’t got nothing,” Lowe said testily. “They need to put a casino over here. They complain about not having any money. Country The bodypositive, selflove, and selfcare movements we are seeing from sportswear and beauty brands, hashtags, and memes have made embracing yourself a

chance of winning the East

Who knows? It was hard to keep up with. Well, it and those pesky faux death threats cost McElwain his gig, and the Gators any chance of winning the East. A bowl game now seems like a stretch, considering the 3 4 Gators must find

Maybe Kelly should just quit

Kelly blames Vickie for trying to constantly destroy both her character and her personal life (What??). Maybe Kelly should just quit. Vickie has no idea what she is talking about. Making Kath hit the Pinata was fun too, however did not see the dog poo

truly loved his

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Lewis the American dream and that truly loved his country, and his country loved him back. Added: thoughts are with his family today as we remember the extraordinary life of one of our greatest entertainers and humanitarians.

assignation in a room upstairs

The little girl was left to sit in the hotel lobby while Ruth and Henry had their assignation in a room upstairs. Sordid details of their shabby affair would later be sensationalized in the press. Embarrassing things such as their pet names for each other

facility and some of the worst

With a correctional facility and some of the worst crime and highest rates of poverty, Muskegon is one of the worst cities in Michigan. Though a day trip can be worth seeing Michigan Adventure, make sure to lock your car and keep your valuables near

say no in our house

“I would love to see my son get married and I would love to see him drive,” Mike McQuay said. “I don’t know if it’ll ever happen, but you know what, we never say no in our house. When you say no and you start

solid vegetation diet

Arogos skippers also rely on other sources of nutrients in their diets. Adult skippers lack mandibles and therefore have a liquid diet in contrast to the solid vegetation diet from the larva stage (Venable 1999). Adult skippers feed on the nectar of knapweeds, Centaurea, milkweeds,