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According to the announcement, the loan was secured with a syndicate of lenders led by TD Bank, and is secured by the newly constructed facility. DuPont Fabros says it intends to use the loan to repay the $25 million loan that is currently secured by

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Looking to the fourth quarter 2012, we have raised the low end of our prior expectations and now anticipate consolidated earnings per diluted share over $1.03 to $1.05. We previously anticipated a range of a $1.01 to $1.05. The fourth quarter this year includes a

Control Cinderella Carriage

Finally, a perfect remote control spy car for a little girl is the Disney Store Remote Control Cinderella Carriage. One of the best features about this car is kids can see what it captures when it is hooked up to the television. There is also

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“Not much,” Lamb deadpans. “After the game, it took the team bus an hour to get from Canterbury Road to here on Burwood Road. We couldn’t go any further because we’d run people over. Felt comfortable, which is probably a great sign. Only visible changes

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In addition to being the Official Beer Sponsor of the NFL, Bud Light has local agreements with 28 NFL teams, each of whom has limited edition, team specific packaging allowing fans to take their team spirit to a whole new level. Taking inspiration from classic

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The Bomber Flat A is also a good choice for this, and catch a lot of pre spawn bass with this bait, using a slow steady retrieve. In the fall, I use different shad patterns like Pearl, or Chrome, for bass that are suspending this

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“Children keep you young and aware, they challenge you and are very smart. They are not molded or jaded. Everything for them is still new and fresh. But when the all mighty DOE said they had facts to prove that we were running out of

assisting in building of stadiums

India is considering assisting in building of stadiums in Kandahar (the birthplace of the Taliban) and in Khost as well. It was India which successfully pushed for Afghanistan to be included in this year’s Asia Cup as a fifth team. Now it can also give

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Located at 734 Montreal St. For more information, call Shirley Skinner at 613 634 1607. For more information, call 613 549 1910. Haddock, Erin L. Hames, Joseph D. Hammerberg, Brandon R. After joining Seattle that season in a trade with the Buffalo Bills, Lynch made

with just buying a bat

Of them aren content with just buying a bat. They go ahead and buy a ball, a pair of pads or an entire cricket kit, says Vipin Kathuria, who runs Sai Sports in Sector 20. The exam fever has in no way affected the enthusiasm