wanted to get another at bat

Yeah, you know especially (after) our road trip didnt go the way we wanted it to, so to have a game like that the pitchers were phenomenal. The offense we didnt get many hits, but we competed the whole game and we were just waiting to string a couple hits together. Every inning, we would come in and everybodys fired up, like This is the inning! This is the inning we do it! Everybody wanted to get another at bat, everybody wanted to be the hero, so you know its huge, its big to get a win like that and get some momentum.

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While the tying of Gran and Lyria together does feel both hasty and a little forced, it does feel sufficiently explained to make it work. Gran would never have been able to actually leave the island had Katalina and Lyria not shown up, something made more apparent by the reactions of the villagers, and particularly his best friend Aaron, when he announces his departure. Likewise without the meeting with Gran and her saving his life, Lyria might have lacked the motivation to truly understand her own power.

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Traffic is bumper to bumper and mostly at a stand still on the outer loop of the I 495 Capital Beltway after snow fell Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016, in National Harbor, Md. As Washington prepares for this weekend’s snowstorm, now forecast to reach blizzard conditions, a small clipper system pushed through the region Wednesday night causing massive delays and issues on the roads.